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Welcome to Lotza Blondes, the web site where you will find the sexiest escorts in the whole of the UK.

Why hire an escort?  An escort is everything that a real woman is not in real life.  She is beautiful and classy, elegant and refined, and more than anything she is willing to do whatever you want to give you a great time.  When you are at a corporate dinner, giving a speech, or are on an important vacation, you want to have the company of a beautiful woman.  There is a status of having a woman who is so beautiful that all around you; you can see every other man in the room deciding that he wants to be you.  Having a perfect woman on your arm is much like driving a perfect new car, everyone wants to get behind the wheel but no one can but you. See Men’s Stuff approved escorts London for a great selection.

Having an escort allows you to do many things that you cannot do with a regular date.  You can take her out, enjoy the theatre with her, take her to dinner and take her home, all knowing that at the end of the night when the date is over there is no commitment.  No one is going to call you the next day; no one is going to be expecting flowers the commitment ends at the end of the night with the date.  In addition to that an escort will always be warm and endearing, she will always listen to your jokes and will compliment you in a way that a normal date could not.

If you have been dreaming of being able to ask your date to dress a certain way, or have wanted to act out many other items with your love, you cannot do that with a woman you are in a relationship with.  However, with an escort, you will be able to treat her like a queen and she will enjoy every moment of it, thankful for the opportunity to be on your arm.  There is nothing better than knowing that she will be with you through the date and knowing that you are going to be picking her up again.  You will be thinking about it, from the night when you drop her off, to the next time that you pick her up again.  How soon will you be able to go out with this beautiful woman again?

When you choose an escort, unlike in real life, you also will be able to think back to all of your fantasies and all of the things you have always dreamed of in a woman.  For example, have you always wanted to date a Latina, or maybe an Asian woman?  This is your chance to get up close and personal and to have a date with any woman that you have never been with before but dreamed of.  When it comes to escorts, there is the chance to choose anything that you want to in real life.  You will have the option of sitting down and looking at all of the profiles of the women, you can look at their eyes, their smile, their bodies, and decide what it is that you want in them.

Each woman is perfect in her own little way and will have certain characteristics which appeal just to you.  Think about choosing an escort as ordering from a menu of all of the fantasy women you have had in your mind for years.  You now have the opportunity to reach out and to choose the one who will be your princess for the night.  All you have to do is decide which one is going to be the perfect match.  If you are not sure what you want or what you are into, sit back and relax and we will make your fantasy come to life.  Right now with guidance from the expert, on each type of girl!

I am Alyssa, I run this website, and I will now take you through our beautiful selection.  Sit back and relax and prepare to be amazed.