Blondes the Standard of Beauty

If you ever dreamed of dating a Hollywood starlet or thought back to your crushes as a child, chances are they were almost all blonde.  Most of the greatest singers, actresses, and stars have all been blonde because of the uniqueness that is associated with it.  Being blonde is in fact quite rare, less rare than being redheaded, it is the combination of two recessive genes in your lineage, and often will lay dormant for many years.  Women who want to stand out from the crowd will often dye their hair blonde, as a species we see the rarity and the value in something that is so unusual.

Blondes come like redheads in all shapes and sizes; maybe you were envisioning a pale woman with green or blue eyes, or a tan blonde with brown eyes.  You will be able to find the right blend.  When a woman is blonde it is her way of signaling to the rest of the world that she is special.  And as the saying goes blondes have more fun!  They are known for their spontaneity, upbeat and playful natures which ensure that they are always the belle of the ball and the attention getter at any other party.

All women, whether they admit it or not fantasize about being blonde.  At least half of women at one time in their lives or another will dye their hair blonde in an attempt to discover the way that life is for blondes.  Would you not want to experience what it is that so many women are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to achieve?  There is no better way to do this than to plan looking at all of the blondes which we have available for you to choose from.

If you have been thinking about your perfect version of Pamela Anderson with her voluptuous curves, or maybe Scarlett Johansen we have an escort who could be her sister in our rosters.  Imagine a date night out or a corporate function with your perfect Scarlett look alike as you head to dinner under the stars, what could a night like that mean for you?  If you were always looking to get the cheerleader as your date when you were a boy, now you can have the cheerleader of your dreams and dictate all of the details for a perfect experience.

Dating an escort allow you to choose all of the best features of the woman you want to be seen with and will allow you to bring your fantasy to life.  You will be the envy of every man around you when you stroll into the party with a movie star look alike and then bowl over the boss with her grace and with her ability to make all of the other men wish that they were you.  There is something majestic and magical about the way a blonde can light up a room, and with her on your arm, you will have that effect as well.