Why Classy Women Are the Cat’s Meow

Class, it is something that many women used to have a long time ago and something that very few have today.  When a girl is brought up with class, every inch of her from her head to her feet oozes something that is very different from other women.  She knows how to carry herself in a room, she knows how to dress, and she knows how to do everything with panache.  Classy women know when it is time to flirt, time to seduce, and time to subtly lean down a bit and take advantage of her cleavage.

As the old saying goes, a woman is born and taught class, it is not something that can be acquired with money, no amount of money can buy it.  The perfect woman is classy; she is a blend of Rachel Weisz, Greta Garbo, and Marilyn Monroe.  A woman who has class knows how to be a seductress and how to be a lady.  When you go out with a classy woman you will notice the level of attention which is paid to everything, her clothing, jewelry, purse, the attention to her makeup.  She will be made up perfectly with eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick, and will look like a pinup but in the highest fashion.

The reason that classy women are so in demand is they make the perfect date for any occasion, if you are looking for a companion to take to a business dinner you want a woman who can keep up with the conversation.  You want a woman who knows how to maintain her figure, and accentuate all the right curves, you will be able to enjoy the perfect curve of her hips in the dress she is wearing, as well as the belt which will accent her slender waist.  Classy women know as well where to place accessories to draw your attention to the right spots; she will have a necklace which draws your attention to her perfect perky breasts as they are barely held back by her silk dress.

While you are out with a classy woman, she will entertain you, inspire you, and be able to keep up.  How many times have you gone out with a woman who was not classy and found yourself having a conversation with a moron, or someone who was not able to keep up with you?  Classy women come in all flavors and colors; you will be able to choose from a wide variety of blonde, brunette, red headed, or anything else which suits your fancy.  You will be guaranteed one of the best dates of your life if you take out a classy woman.  It is almost like having a date with a Hollywood starlet without having to deal with any of the paparazzi or the other trappings.  She will impress anyone else you bring her around, look stunning, and will always been the center of attention.  A classy woman is the perfect date for any man.